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Get out of the house and train with your team or the group! Fall leagues start again in September. Rovers FC has several training (practice) options for you. There are regular practices for players of every age. Teams play in leagues run by the YMCA in Cobb County, the City of Roswell, or Pope HS Booster Club. Ask your manager or call Jim Caruso at 404.788.0188. We will help you find a place to practice or a team to play with in the fall.

Training = Practice: Rovers Teams & Club Practices

NOTE: This page lists a number of practice and pick-up play opportunities all around Atlanta.

Team Practices: Contact your manager to find out the best training options for you and where your team trains. These are during the spring and fall seasons.

Cobb League: All teams that play in Cobb train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm during the season. Please contact a manager of a Rovers team, if you wish to attend and find a Rovers team to join. The best weather (field closing) info is on the youth soccer site . Rovers teams have some openings, so find a team manager or contact Jim Caruso at 404.788.0188 or

Roswell League:

  • Over-30 (current for spring 2016) teams in Roswell have a field on Tuesdays 8:00-9:30pm. We have a good turnout, but ask that you help cover the cost because we don’t have a sponsor for this now. Contact Jim Caruso at 404.788.0188 or There is a fee to rent the field for this.
  • Over-50  teams in Roswell have a field on Thursdays 8:30-10:00pm that is shared by a few teams. Contact Jim Caruso at 404.788.0188 or You may need to pay.

Off-Season Leagues

Many members from different Rovers’ teams train in a mostly-Rovers, summer and winter league in East Cobb.

Indoor & Outdoor, Short-sided Leagues, Year ‘Round

  • Cobb Soccer
  • Roswell has an Over-58 league that looks like it will operate year-round.
  • Marietta Indoor – a single field, behind the Marietta Diner. Some Rovers guys are in a weekday league there now.
  • Silverbacks Outdoor, they have many 7 v 7 leagues of every age, open to O50, and also some 11 v 11 weekend leagues. Some Coed.
  • Silverbacks Indoor, Open and O30. Some Coed.
  • Stars Soccer Club outdoor 9v9 and 11v11; and Stars Soccer Barn (indoor, 7 v 7) O40 league on Wednesdays. Open age group indoor leagues on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Wall 2 Wall: 5v5, 7 v 7, and 11v11, including Co-ed leagues Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Wolf’s Soccer: Different levels every evening. O30 League on Fridays.

Inter-Squad Scrimmages

Yes, we have them.

Ways To Find a Practice

Soccer Random (a Google Group, email notifications about practices)

Rovers members sometimes organize ad-hoc training. Notifications are sent via Google Groups notifications under the name Tuesday-Thursday Pickup Soccer in Cobb. As of May 28, 2013, Rovers members have other places to play, but sign up and if there are summer practices, you will get an email notice.

Ad Hoc (Walk-on Places to Find a Pick-up Game)

There are many places to train around Atlanta and Rovers members live all around the city, although mostly in the north and northwest.

  • Alpharetta Webb Bridge Park: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon
  • Fullers Park: unknown, was evenings, sometimes after other sports.
  • Georgia Tech, Roe Stamps Field: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:00pm. NOTE: Roe Stamps Fields has NEW artificial turf and the fields are now open.
  • Robinson Road Field, a bare field without working lights that works well in the summer. Times vary.
  • O50: In Roswell at Waller Park Extension, now at the Lower Soccer Practice Fields: 9:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, O55, O60, O65, and O70 (yes, Over-70) teams heading for the Veteran’s Cup train at these, but training is open to anyone. Mostly guys, but some women’s players. Notice! Don’t injure players headed for national tournaments!
  • Veteran’s Cup teams train on Saturdays. Time & Location varies with season and field availability. You must be a member of the traveling team, invited by the team’s manager.
  • Roswell Area Park at the far back field or as an alternate the Middle School field on Saturdays, mornings, but times vary. These tend to be 40+
  • Terrell Mill Park. Times vary. Could be anywhere in the park


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